The Reel Donkey Company will Repair/Refurbish Cable Handling Equipment


Ship us your Reel-O-Matic, Tulsa Power, Wemco, or other major brand wire and cable handling equipment for a complete evaluation.  After performing a multi-point check of all components and testing the hydraulic and/or electrical systems, we will contact you to go over our findings.  

Should you repair, replace or refurbish your old equipment?  Our evaluation can help you make that determination. You should certainly repair if that’s the best option.  But when it comes to making the costly decision of replacing existing equipment we feel that you could have another option – refurbishment.

Why refurbish?  We know great equipment will wear out over time and need to be replaced, but we believe new is not always the best solution.   Talk to us about the feasibility of refurbishing your existing equipment before you replace it.  With our help you should be able to realize many more years of reliable service and get a better return on your investment.

We offer local pickup and delivery in the Houston, Texas area.


repair/refurbish cable handling equipmentRefurbished Reel-O-Matic   

repair/refurbish cable handling equipmentCollapsible Wire Coiler to be repaired

                       repair/refurbish cable handling equipmentWe repair, customize, design and fabricate reels, including repairing parallel reels.



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*The Reel Donkey Company does not buy directly from, nor is affiliated with,
any of the above mentioned major brand reel handling companies.