Our PRD Series Portable Shafted Pay Outs are designed for durability, capability and speed!  
  In their simplest form our PRD Series portable shafted pay outs are something to be reckoned with!  

PRD15K-HP Portable Shafted Pay Out

  The PRD15K-HP portable shafted pay out easily handles up to a 15,000 pound capacity reel from any area in your facility.  
portable shafted pay outs

PRD15K-HP Portable Shafted Pay Out

  • Shafted unit
  • 15,000 Lb. Capacity
  • 108D x 60W Reels (Min. 60D)
  • 2.875 Drive Shaft w/Lock Collars
  • Bar Storage
  • Hydraulic Driven Forward/Reverse Capability
  • Set Speed
  • Hydraulic Breaking System
    Need to work more efficiently?  
portable shafted take ups

PRD15K-HT Portable Shafted Take Up


Couple our PRD15K-HP pay out with its sister take up, the PRD15K-HT, to save time, energy and effort when re-spooling your wire and cable.


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