Reel Donkey® pay outs improve the efficiency and safety of reel cable and wire coiling, protect the cable, and assist the operator in the re-spooling and coiling process.   

Our floor mounted shaft-less pay out models are designed to give our customers the durability, capability and speed they need.

Why choose shaft-less equipment over rim drive equipment?   

Quite simply, The Reel Donkey Company’s shaft-less line of reel equipment will give our customers the features they need for increased performance capabilities. 
  • Improved personnel safetypay outs
    • Increased Operator load control
    • Reduced Operator physical labor
      • Shaft-less equipment is designed to lift reels from floor level.   (Operators will no longer be required to manually change out the shafts/bars.)

  • Improved load security

  • Improved energy efficiency
    • Direct drive operation
    • Quieter machine operation

    pay outs  
Our PRD15K-HP portable shafted pay out easily handles up to a 15,000 pound capacity reel from any area in your facility. 

Couple our PRD15K-HP pay out with its sister take up, the PRD15K-HT, to save time, energy and effort when re-spooling your wire and cable.

Reel Donkey® pay outs come in a wide range of sizes to coil or spool flexible materials.  Each unit is customized to handle the size of material to be used and the speed desired.  Pay outs come in floor mounted and portable models. 

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