Need reel wire and cable handling equipment service?  The Reel Donkey® Company services all major brands of wire and cable handling equipment including Reel Donkey®, Reel-O-Matic, Tulsa Power, Wemco, Graham International, Bessemer, and Wardwell.


Emergency Service

If it’s broken, we can fix it!   We are your one stop repair shop for electrical, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic repairs. If you need emergency service call us right away! 

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular scheduled maintenance will prolong the  life of your reel wire and cable handling equipment and help keep it working properly for a long time.   Call or contact us  to set up your maintenance program.

Refurbishment of Your Existing Cable Handling Equipmentcable handling equipment service

Even great equipment wears out over time and needs to be replaced or  refurbished. 

Yes, we sell new equipment, but we also believe new is not always the best solution.   Talk to us about the feasibility of refurbishing your existing equipment before you replace it.  With our help you should be able to get many more years of reliable service.


 Contact Us today for all your service needs!


*The Reel Donkey Company does not buy directly from, nor is affiliated with,
any of the above mentioned major brand reel handling companies.